Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Alan is Home! Yay! Jiggity Jig!

It’s good, really good! 5 months is too long to be apart from the one you love.

I have to admit that I am an independent person and I do rather well on my own, but… I prefer not to. Realistically I have been single for 5 months, meaning… I did what I wanted when I wanted. If I didn’t want to cook, I didn’t.  (I never cook) I shopped when and where I wanted. I watched movies and television shows that I wanted to watch. Played video games I like. I cleaned the house when I messed it up. I did the laundry when I needed clean clothes. And I stayed on the computer as long as I wanted, even if it was until the wee hours of the morning.

Now that Alan is home, I need to realign the me planet. Or maybe the me universe is more like the reality of the situation. It’s going to be an adjustment learning to live with one another again. It will be an easy transition though because my husband wants it to be all about me, most of the time anyways.

Case in point: Tonight we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and Alan says…

“Let’s go to Jack in the Box and get some tacos.” (snickers)

“We are not going to Buckin’ Jack in the Box!”, was my retort.

We went to Taco Bell.


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