5 Months Ago

If you like reading my blog for my funny stories and my awesome sense of humor, I’m afraid you may be a little disappointed with this post. This is going to be a mushy love note about my best friend, soul mate and my other half…. Alan.

My Best Friend

5 months ago Alan went to Oregon for a job opportunity. We both knew he had to check out the situation and feel the waters to see if it would be something that would maybe allow us to move back. It has been a huge sacrifice upon the whole family to be apart for so long. It has been difficult for Aliesha not to have her Dad around for support and encouragement. And now I can say I have a greater understanding of the hardships that military families must go through when their families are separated. Thankfully we didn’t have the added stress of “war” added into our scenario.

We still do not have a clear picture of where we are heading financially or physically, but right now it is time for Alan to come home to Arizona and to Aliesha and I.

I have missed my husband so much. He is my other half, my very best friend and confidant. We have been married almost 32 years, through those many long years there has been laughter, crying, silliness, somberness, anger, joy, screaming and yelling, soft words, disagreements, pacts and most of all…..tons of love. I am so ready for my best friend to come home!

Alan’s flight comes into PHX tomorrow at 6:30 pm. I have been crossing off the days on my calendar like a child waiting for Christmas morning. I wanted to call him every hour today with the count down….

“Only 19 more hours!”




4 thoughts on “5 Months Ago

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  2. Very Sweet, so encouraging your message of love still strong…after so many years of marraige. So glad you are together again, the 3 of you:)

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