Johnny Depp’s Near Death Experience

Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. He’s hot even if he doesn’t have guns like Vin Diesel. I have loved him ever since he made his debut on 21 Jumpstreet as Officer Todd Hanson.

21 Jumpstreet 1987-1990

US Weekly voted Johnny Depp as one of the Hottest Teen Idols Ever. I agree. 🙂

I have to laugh because everyone who knows me, knows I have a super crush on Mr. Depp. My own husband even humors me by taking me to the cinema to see all his movies.

A few years ago my Dad asked me, “Lori, you know that Johnny Depp is gay don’t you?”

“What?! No he isn’t, that’s crazy. He has a beautiful wife/girlfriend (as long as she doesn’t smile with her mouth open) and he has kids.”, I answered his inquisition.

“Nope, he’s gay. I heard it on the TV.”, he rebutted.

My dear old Dad still teases me to this day about Johnny Depp’s sexual preferences.

The Rum Diary Movie Poster

Yesterday I was checking my Facebook status and a pop-up on what my friend’s have been reading spouted the headline, “Johnny Depp Almost Died in a Plane Crash!”


When I first read the title, I thought the plane went down and he was going to be on life support or worse… maimed and scarred. Come to find out his plane didn’t crash. What really happened was Johnny and his director friend, Bruce Robinson, from The Rum Diary were flying along when the plane’s engines just shut down. During a recent interview with Life magazine Johnny remembered….

“Nobody said a word except for Bruce and I, sitting next to each other saying, ‘Oh sh-t! This is death; I guess this is how it goes down.’ Then we burst into hysterical laughter at the idea that this was how we were going to die.”

When the engines suddenly restarted I wonder if there was more hysterical laughter. The report I read on US Weekly’s website said that everyone was relieved. Well yeah….ya think?

The Rum Diary flopped at the box office, but I still plan to go see it sometime next week. Alan says he will take me. (the things my husband does to humor me) Maybe by Johnny’s biggest fan (being me) going to the theater next week and paying for 2 tickets, somehow the engines of The Rum Diary will suddenly restart, doubtful, but maybe!


2 thoughts on “Johnny Depp’s Near Death Experience

  1. I have to agree Lori, Johnny Depp is hot. You have got to be his biggest fan though, from what I just read! 🙂 What a sweet husband to take you to see his movies, too.

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