Artificial Stars

Throughout my life I have lived in 4 different states, all with varied terrains, climates and customs. California, Oregon, Arizona and that other country called Iowa. In each state I have lived in both the city and the countryside. When you live in a booming metropolis there are great advantages as well as disadvantages. And the same goes for living rural. I have lived so remote in Oregon that we had to use an outhouse because we did not have running water or electricity. (Some day I will write a book about our life on “The Hill”)

At the moment Alan, Aliesha and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix sports the 13th largest population for a US metro city with a little over 4 million people. I remember when we first moved here how I was overwhelmed with the sprawl of the city itself and all the shopping and all the people. And all the cars! And with all those cars come so many accidents and hundreds of chiropractor offices. Seriously if you are thinking about a career as a chiropractor you should consider moving to Phoenix, I am sure there are a few more street corners where you could set up office.

As with any large city there is so much light. At night you can see the cannon fire orange glow in the low sky from 30 miles away. Whenever we are traveling back home from LA at night I can tell when we are getting close, not by a distance marker but by the sky.

With so much artificial illumination it is almost impossible to see the stars.

It makes me a little sad because I have lived places where the sky lights up at night with the dazzling brilliance of tiny white diamonds. Here in Phoenix you are lucky if you can see a faint twinkle of the big dipper or even the north star. If you want to take up astronomy as a hobby and you live in Phoenix….forget it!

Photo from Wikipedia

Last night as darkness settled in, Aliesha and I were coming home from the store and low across the horizon I saw 3 brilliant bright stars dazzling in a wonderful triangle formation. I said to her, ” Aliesha look at those beautiful stars! They are so big, bright and shiny. That’s awesome!”

“Mom….those are just airplanes”, she replied with a matter of fact tone.

I sighed….”I know, but a girl can dream, can’t she?”


4 thoughts on “Artificial Stars

    • It is beautiful in Flagstaff, but you are having snow and we are having 66 degrees. I do not like being cold. I will visit Flagstaff in the summer when I need to cool down 🙂

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