The Scariest Halloween Prank~Trick or Treat

Sometimes the best pranks are not planned out or orchestrated exactly step by step. Sometimes they just happen. The right moment, quick thinking and whack, someone gets to be a part of a unusual type of play….the prank.

I actually do not like pranks, I especially do not like them played on me. But in this story I am not the prankster or the prankee, so it’s all good. 

Many years ago when our boys, Daniel and Josh were little, all of us were going out for some Halloween fun. We hopped in the car and drove over to the cousins’ house to show off costumes and share in some candy and laughs.

Little did one person know but there would be lots of laughs at their expense.

It was already dark when we pulled up across the street and parked the car. At the same time in front of the house Alan’s cousin, Guy, was getting out of his car and for some reason ran back up to the house. His car was still running. Alan saw his opportunity and ran over to the vehicle, jumped in and waited just a second for Guy to come back out the door then he started to drive away in Guy’s car.  Guy never saw us across the street. The boys and I  just sat in the car (innocent bystanders) as we heard Guy yelling, “Hey you! That’s my car” Then when the car didn’t stop he began to run after the car down the street. Poor guy. Poor Guy. Alan drove a block then turned right on the next street and just drove a tiny bit further before he stopped to let Guy catch up. When Guy got to the car you could hear him shouting many profanities for quite sometime and then he had to go drink a couple beers because he was so upset.

Come to find out Guy’s 5 year old daughter was in the back seat and Guy thought for a second maybe she had crawled up front and was driving, but when the car turned the corner he knew it wasn’t her driving. He said he was freaking out. Alan didn’t even know she was sitting back there! Guy swore he would get revenge upon my husband, but so far he hasn’t made good on his promise. Now that we do not live near each other it is going to be harder for Guy to follow through. I sure wouldn’t want that debt hanging over my head. Somethings are never forgotten!  Somewhere, sometime when Alan least expects it……

I guess we shared tricks instead of treats with our cousins that Halloween night so many years ago.

This year Aliesha and I didn’t play any tricks on anyone and we got our Halloween Pumpkins carved with our special tools that I had to go to 3 stores to purchase last night. We did not create The Little Mermaid instead we did 3 smaller pumpkins, Dracula, a Happy Heart and a kind of Jack Skeleton pumpkin. Here is a photo for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Pumpkins, Happy Mom, Happy Halloween


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