WordPress’ Auto Topics – Peanut M&M’s and Hemorrhoid Cream

I love when I publish a new post and WordPress tells me hurray, bravo, excellent, groovy, wow and unbelievable. Actually I haven’t seen unbelievable yet, probably because I’ve only published a measly 30 times.

But more than the encouragement that is auto generated for my contributions I really appreciate the auto topics they toss out there for me to mull over and save to my drafts. One of the auto topics recently was:

Name a product or company that you’d like to star in a TV commercial for.

Well that’s a no-brainer…because of my love for Peanut M&M’s I feel I would make the most excellent spokeswoman for those lovely chocolate covered peanuts in a colorful candy shell. They are my junk food downfall.

Peanut M&M Cake

I can sit and eat them by themselves, sprinkled on top of a bowl of ice cream, baked in cookies, on top of decorated cakes and even mixed into Rice Krispy Treats. When I was a teenager I used to put them in my coke bottle and watch them fizz and then drink them down.   Crazy.

They wouldn’t even have to pay me for starring in the commercial. They could just compensate me with a lifetime supply and I would be totally satisfied.

On the flip side of this auto topic, I was remembering a Spanish sitcom I used to watch, (at a time when I was diligently working on my Spanish-speaking skills) Amor Mio. Abril, a beautiful young thing went for an advertising casting audition. The company said they wanted beautiful young women to represent their product. So she did a photo shoot and was gorgeous and the company loved her and told her she would be their top model. Silly Abril, she got such a big head about being a top model. She was driving her friends nuts with her Vogue attitude, she was really thinking she was all that. Until the huge billboards came out. Poor Abril never asked what product she would be standing alongside, bigger than life, for all of Mexico City to see….. Hemorrhoid Cream.

Why do they always have to ride the bikes?

Along with hemorrhoid creams I would never want to star in a tampon, feminine itch, yeast infection or any other type of bodily function gone wrong product. Don’t you sort of feel a little bad for the actors who do these types of commercials?


5 thoughts on “WordPress’ Auto Topics – Peanut M&M’s and Hemorrhoid Cream

  1. Hopefully those actors ask for a higher salary doing those um, embarrassing commercials. Enjoyed this post and thank you for the Like at Simply Charming! 🙂 Much appreciated.

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