If I Only Had an Extra Four Hours Today

Today was a mixed up emotional one.

I booked Alan’s flight home last night, and for those of you who know me on a personal level you have to realize how exciting that is for Aliesha and I. I was riding most of the day on a giddy high but trying not to get too excited because the flight’s not booked for tomorrow.

Work went well and it was payday so that’s always a plus, both to morale and the bank account. Just the fact that work was good today was a super boost because the past few weeks have taken it’s toll on my energy levels and my back. I have honestly considered guzzling Monster Energy Drinks just to make it through. And I hate those things, the way they taste and then the crash and burn. You have to time the consumption of those bad boys just right. Then there’s my poor aching back. I have been popping Advil like they’re Peanut M&M’s.

But today was a breeze at the workplace!

Then I came home.

Aliesha, bless her heart, decides she wants to carve her pumpkin.  I just want to sit and watch The Biggest Loser on Netflix and eat ice cream. But she was determined. She took to the project like a professional. She got the newspapers laid out on the table and started the worst task… of cleaning out the guts. I hate that part, it’s so messy.

I took a break from being a couch potato and looked up templates for the pumpkin on the internet. I was thinking…. ok, lets just do some triangle eyes and a grin. Nope….she wanted to do Ariel, a silhouette of Ariel the Mermaid. Geez, even with a Dremel tool I don’t think I could pull that one off.

I helped trace the pattern onto the pumpkin which cramped up our hands like no other. Next was the carving. We didn’t have any special tools, a steak knife was Aliesha’s weapon of choice. All was well for about 10-15 minutes until…..

“I hate carving pumpkins! I am never carving a pumpkin again. Dad’s not here and he always helps me and you aren’t helping me”, comes blasting out of her mouth and she storms off to the bedroom.

Well…let’s just say I was not calm about her outburst. I will save you and not share the rest of the dialogue that took place.

We did work things out but sadly the Ariel pumpkin does not look anything like this:

Impossible to carve without special pumpkin carving tools!

Now to bring this post all the way back to the title... If I only had an extra four hours today I would run to Wal-Mart and buy another pumpkin, special pumpkin carving tools and a Monster Drink. Then I would come home clean out the guts and carve the best Little Mermaid pumpkin ever!

Happy Halloween!

Here’s a link to the Ariel template, good luck!


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