Scariest Halloween Pumpkin Ever Update

A few weeks ago I posted The Scariest Halloween Pumpkin Ever, but I am pleased to report that I need to update my previous statement.

Now while the first pumpkin is very scary and carve free, this pumpkin is so scary it brings back memories of 31 Years ago!

Thank You Lisa Goins for sharing this very scary pumpkin on Facebook

I wish I was so creative. I am jealous of people who come up with this kind of art.

Poor pumpkin mom, she has tears and tears! And her little pumpkin fingers are all swollen. She must have preeclampsia. A fright worthy of any Halloween Doorstep!


7 thoughts on “Scariest Halloween Pumpkin Ever Update

    • Dear Christian,
      I know you were just kidding but just imagine something the size of a melon coming out of your most delicate part….very, very scary!!

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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