Outdoor Dining in Phoenix

I believe Phoenix just may be the mecca for outdoor dining. Every fast food joint, inexpensive sit down restaurant, sports bar and even high end restaurants know that the ambiance of dining outdoors is perfect in Phoenix.

You can almost dine outdoors in Phoenix year round. Smart establishments have cool water misters for when it gets too hot and stand-up propane heaters for when it gets a tad bit chilly those two evenings of the year.

Now, I will admit you do not want to eat outside when it is 115 degrees. That is when you are grateful for indoors with a blasting A/C. Most restaurants close the patios in the dead of summer. Like the exact opposite of closing for winter in most other parts of the US.

There is just something about eating outside that evokes feelings of travel inside me. The food is the same whether you eat it indoors or out, but when you sit down bistro style with that plate of food and you see everyone walking or driving past and hear all the city sounds, well it is just like traveling or being on vacation.

Our budget does not allow many meals at high end restaurants, especially on a daily basis, we will splurge maybe once a year on such extravagance, like for an anniversary. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at the Westgate Plaza has an awesome patio overlooking the fountains. We celebrated our anniversary there and we were not disappointed.

Thankfully many of our favorite fast food eateries have patio seating and lately we have been taking advantage of this pleasure now that Fall has arrived in Phoenix. Panda Express, In & Out, Chipotle, Subway are some of our favorites. Tonight we went to Freddy’s. It was our first time eating at this hamburger stand and I was impressed. While we were eating outside on the patio we had conversation with others enjoying the food and evening outside the confines of the building. Imagine that!


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