What is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?

It has been said that the reason we don’t have tons of childhood memories, especially before the age of two is because of a condition called childhood amnesia.  Supposedly one of the causes for the onset of childhood amnesia is traumatic repression.

So….because we all lived traumatic toddler lives we can’t remember a thing! That’s sad.

As a mother I don’t believe my children had such terrible experiences in their first five years of life that they needed to totally block everything out. Childhood should be the most carefree times of our lives.

Aliesha on the other hand cried the first nine months because she was colicky, so maybe she wants to erase that era of her life. But what about her first birthday? Why can’t she remember that? There was cake, ice cream, balloons and presents too.  That isn’t traumatic. Her earliest childhood memory is when she was three and Joshua was teasing her, chasing her around the recliner and making her cry. That sounds traumatic to me, yet she remembers.

My earliest childhood memory is also traumatic. I was 2 years old and playing in my front yard. There was a white picket fence and a little girl standing on the other side of the fence. I went over and asked her what her name was. She replied, “Lori.” I said, “No! That’s my name!” I even cried. I was the only Lori in the whole wide world!

I have one other traumatic memory from that time in my life. We had a detached garage in the backyard and the walk through door had a window on top. I couldn’t see through that window of course, I was short then. My dad had pet snakes that he kept in aquariums in that garage. I remember I really wanted to see those snakes but I couldn’t see through the window that reached to the heavens. So I slowly opened the door. Now, I don’t know if the snakes were really loose or if it was just my imagination, but when I saw snakes slithering all over the floor I slammed that door tight. I asked my dad if he remembers the snakes getting loose, and guess what? He can’t remember!

I’m not sold on this traumatic repression idea. There must be another explanation why we don’t have lots of early childhood memories.

What is your earliest childhood memory?


8 thoughts on “What is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?

  1. I’ve always wondered about why we can’t remember our childhood memories. Well, why I can’t remember. My husband tells me his first memory of childhood is from one year old!

    My earliest is me on my blue bike, with only my panties on, riding around, with a talc bottle. I was maybe 5 years old? Not sure. I’m terrible at remembering things as it is…

  2. My earliest childhood memory…I have been blessed with a good memory. It was kind of funny, but sad at the time. My twin sister and I had just moved wih our parents into a bigger home. We were not happy campers, we sat down and pouted insisting we wanted to go home! We were a little under 2 years old at the time. Our poor Mom and Dad, dealing with moving and the pouting twins we were!

  3. Wow Lori, you are a great writer, I really enjoy reading about your and Alan’s journeys.
    The whole child hood memory thing reminds me of selective memory. I do believe that if it was
    traumatic then our mind will “take care of that for us”, but the older it gets the harder it is to forget.
    I don’t remember much at all of my child hood because of a traumatic brain injury, but some
    would call it “luck”. lol

    • Hi Teri,
      I am so glad you stopped by my blog. I enjoy writing and I hope someday to do a lot more of it. Maybe a book 🙂
      Memories are a win-lose situation, right? We want to remember the good times, but times aren’t always good and the bad memories have a way of sticking out in our gray matter more often than we like. But I like to think that good stories come from bad experiences.

      Always looking at the Bright Side!

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