Snowbirds and Cactus Wrens

It is the beginning of “Snowbird Season” in Phoenix and most areas of the southwest. Snowbirds are people who leave their frigid winter homeland and live somewhere warm until their pipes thaw out. Usually the only people who can afford this luxury are retirees with large bank accounts. There are many who will buy a second home in Phoenix just to live here from October until April or May. Many other snowbirds own RV’s. They will park their RV in a designated “Park” that resembles a ghost town in the summer months.

Of course the snowbirds bring a lot of revenue into the area. They eat out, go to movies, play golf, and shop. Target knows this! They aren’t going to miss out on some sales from the “get off my lawn” generation. This billboard went up just a few days ago.

What caught my eye was the term, “Cactus Wren”. I thought that was clever. So, someone who lives here in Phoenix year round is considered a Cactus Wren. Which is a real bird by the way.

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 Doesn’t this little guy look a bit pissed off? That’s the way it is here in Phoenix, everything is pissed off. All the bugs have stingers, all the plants have stickers and thorns, the animals bite and are poisonous and the birds…. well look at him. Actually the bird is just fluffing up his feathers because he got caught in a little monsoon storm. He isn’t mad at you or me. But seriously, if you live here year round you have the right to be a bit uptight. After all it isn’t easy enduring 3 months of triple digit temperatures.

Now we have the snowbirds. Who aren’t distinguished by any one bird. A snowbird is considered any type of bird who migrates south for the winter.

He looks cold. Very, very cold.

I don’t blame him one bit for flying away from the frozen tundra for the winter.


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