Eyebrow Threading… What?

Some things just aren’t meant to be seen by the public, meaning me.

While I am leisurely wandering the mall I don’t want to see someone laying on their back on some sort of rack, with another person, thread in their mouth, drooling, twisting, and pulling out eyebrow, chin and any other unwanted hair from the victim’s face.

This scene was so gruesome it reminded me of Medieval times when public flogging and torture was acceptable and looked upon as a sightseeing fun filled afternoon. I noticed as Aliesha and I passed this “kiosk of suffering” that no one was gaping with eyes wide or standing around taking pictures. (I wanted to, but was too horrified)

No…. everyone walked quickly past with heads lowered and eyes darting.

Modern Day Torture

I stole borrowed this photo from the internet so you can have some idea of this new-old technique.

And about this technique…no one seems to know where it came from. Some say China, some say India. But everyone agrees that it is very old, like ancient. Probably because they hadn’t invented tweezers. But hey, they sell those now, so buy a pair and go home and pluck in private!

I know about waxing. Whenever I go to the spa to get my pedicure, I see the women and men go to the back room to get their waxing done. It’s polite, discreet, and not seen by me. The spas have it down.

What is our world coming to? And who are these people that are willing to lay out in public, for the entire world to see, and have their unwanted hair pulled out by some barbarian.

On the bright side, I am thankful that I can still see with my magnifying mirror and my hand is steady enough to pluck my own unwanted facial hair.


5 thoughts on “Eyebrow Threading… What?

    • When my daughter and I saw it, I had to ask her what they were doing. She knew of course. But she thought it was called “needle and threading” much more gruesome. Thanks for reading!

  1. I am of the ones that lay down to get their unwanted facial hair removed. I never thought that it would bother anyone. I personally don’t mind laying in a chair in public. It is an effective way to remove hair, and you get used to the discomfort. Plus when you do it for your eyebrows, you can have really cool shapes for them. Too bad it is gruesome for some, but that won’t stop me. I ❤ eyebrow threading!!

    • I am sure that it is effective, otherwise people wouldn’t have it done. I was just curious as to why it had to be done in public. A nice discreet salon is better I think.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

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