31 Years Ago Today

I might have a poor memory…

People remember things that have happened to me or things that I supposedly said and I have no recollection. Or the other way around, for example, “Mom, I told you that yesterday, don’t you remember?”

But 31 years ago today, I can recall almost every single moment. That was the day my oldest son Daniel was born.

And let me just say this….

That nonsense about the memories of labor pains and childbirth subsiding with time is a lie. I remember very clearly, like it was yesterday, the terrible pain of back labor and the contractions coming closer and closer. I also distinctly remember yelling telling my husband, “Get your hands off me, you did this to me!”

Just to set the record straight, I am not a screamer, but that poor woman in the next room let everyone in the hospital know that she was gonna die and she was never having sex again. (Amen Sistah)

Labor is painful enough but then you have the actual delivery of an 8 1/2 lb. baby boy with a head the size of a…..well you get the picture.

So here we are 31 years later. The stunning bright side of all the pain and suffering of childbirth is having a son who is a shining diamond in my crown of motherhood. I am proud and blessed to have Daniel in my life.

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Daniel Surfing Sporthaven Beach


3 thoughts on “31 Years Ago Today

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