School of Hard Knocks-Travel Lesson #1

Seasoned travelers know…you never ever, never, NEVER pack anything important in your checked bags.

What was I thinking? I guess I can blame it on being a travel newbie. But it was just pretty lame on my part to pack my meds in my checked bags. Stupid.

Everything would have been fine if our pilot didn’t decide he wanted to hang out on the tarmac before take-off…. for an hour. Maybe it was his first flight and he was shaking in his seat, maybe he had an important phone call from his wife telling him she was filing for divorce, or maybe the tarmac in San Francisco needed repaired. That was his excuse, potholes.

I am still not sure I believe that. Doesn’t SFO have a bajillion runways?

Consequently we were an hour late arriving in San Francisco which meant we missed our connecting flight to Kauai. So they routed us to LAX, and once in LA we had to change carriers. You see where this is going?

I didn’t.

I was oblivious to my checked bags. I was so naive. The only thing I was upset about at the time was not getting to my island destination on schedule.

Well, I don’t need to tell you that my bags ended up in Istanbul and I was totally stressed out about what to do in Kauai without my meds, toiletries and a change of clothes.

Thankfully Wal-Mart is a global market. Even the Garden Isle city of Lihue hosts my least favorite store. I do have to admit, Wal-Mart saved my lost luggage behind.  After a few phone calls to my physicians we got my drugs all squared away, replaced our toiletries, bought some clean underwear and some cheap souvenirs.

Look how smiley I am, weird.

The way I remember it now is I would much rather be snorkeling or laying on the beach.


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