My Seeing-Eye Girl

One of things that sucks about getting older is losing your 20/20 vision.

When I was a young lass I had perfect eye sight. Better than perfect. I could see things a mile away. People would say, “How can you see that?” or  “That’s amazing, I didn’t see that!”

Now all that sightseeing has changed. Since I am thoroughly submerged in                 middle-agedom my poor aging eyes are screaming, “We need help.” I have to wear glasses to see anything up close.

The problem I have with my less than 20/20 vision is: I hate my glasses.

I know… I’m vain , but please, they are old lady bifocals.


I remember when I was a toddler and saw my grandma wearing her bifocals, I wondered what kind of contraption was appended to her poor old face.  Sadly I have become my grandma. My 5 year old grandson asked me this summer, “Grandma Lori, why do you have to wear those glasses?”

So, because I am so self-absorbed I have required Aliesha to be my seeing-eye girl out in public. While shopping she has to answer questions such as…”How many carbs are in these Peanut M&M’s?” or “What’s the price on this really cute pair of capris?” I also ask her occasionally to check my receipts, read my texts, important mail and instruction manuals.

She is so sweet about it too, she never once has told me, “Mom, just put on your glasses!”

That scares me though because it makes me contemplate if she believes those bifocals are as hideous as I do.


2 thoughts on “My Seeing-Eye Girl

  1. I know what you mean! I was lucky, in a way, as I have been really short sighted since I was a child and always wore glasses. In my early 50’s I was diagnozed with cataracts in both eyes. I had surgery to remove them and now my sight is good enough to drive without glasses! I still need glasses for reading though and I often forget to take them off – being so used to wearing them all the time 🙂

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