Motorbiking Koh Chang Style

Koh Chang Thailand

I love Koh Chang Island, what a great escape. One of the adventures we participated in while visiting this tropical paradise was renting motorbikes. What better way to explore an island in the south seas than with the wind at your back and bugs in your teeth.

So much fun.

I was reserved at first because I hadn’t drove a motorcycle since I was a teenager, which was such a very long time ago. But you never forget how to ride a bike so it should be the same of motorcycles, right? It kind of was, I am still alive to tell the tale so all was not lost.

I rode my vespa scooter for 2 days without one incident. Pretty proud of myself for that accomplishment especially since according to locals there are massive amounts of motorbike accidents everyday. By the way, I didn’t learn that information until after we rented the bikes. Needless to say I would not go up or down that long treacherous mountain where most of the accidents occur. I’m not that stupid, I knew my limitations.

But I did become one bad biker dudette….

Farang Biker Gang


When it came time to fill ‘er up we discovered the Quik-Trip gas station – Koh Chang style.

The Attendant Attending the Pump

Full Service Rocks


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