Party Rock Anthem Burnout

If you read my profile page you know one of the things I love is Music. I love all kinds of music, except rap and drunk in a bar country western crap. Aliesha likes to listen to all kinds of music too. She wants to listen to “Top 40” stuff more than me but I go along for the ride because I’m a cool mom like that.

So when I heard Party Rock Anthem the first hundred times I liked it a lot. It has a catchy beat, I especially liked the, “every day I’m shufflin”, part.

Now a bajillion plays later I am ready to be placed in one of those sound proof booths they use on silly game shows. There I can sit with those huge earphones with a serene happy face. Listening to ocean waves or some Jack Johnson.  Seriously this worn out song is played on every radio station every 15 minutes, except news talk and Christian, which surprises me because with the pay for play push going on, those stations should grab some of that Party Rock $$.  No joke.

Aliesha thought it would be comical to sing it to me sporadically throughout the day yesterday.  She even has a little shuffle dance she adds to try to amuse me. Sort of like the Kia Hamsters.

I was not amused.

She was, she said the I’m going insane look on my face was priceless.

The Kia Hamsters still make me smile a little.

As long as the volume is muted.


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