Road Hogs

Doesn’t it just irk you when people walk right down the center of the hi-ways and bi-ways of your life? Do they do this because the are oblivious of everyone else around them or is it that they really don’t care about anyone else in the universe but themselves?

This undesirable trait is rampant in Phoenix. The worst displays are found in parking lots. It is hard enough to find a parking space that isn’t a days hike from the front doors of the store, but then you have to stop and wait for a whole family that is walking abreast, slowly, down the middle of the lane, sightseeing, laughing and chatting away about some nonsense. And it isn’t just one lane, it is every stinking lane. I always want to lay on my horn and yell, “Get out of the way.” But I’m not rude like that.

Instead I sit in my car and think bad thoughts.

Thinking bad thoughts...

The aisles inside the store are no better, maybe worse. Because inside they are taking their sweet time deciding on the family size or regular, name brand or Equate, kids screaming, the parents ignoring..all in the center of the aisle. I always want to say, “Excuse me, and could you please control your children brats.” But I am not rude like that.

Instead I turn my cart around and think bad thoughts.

What is unsettling about the matter is I think it might be an affliction that comes after living in Phoenix for a few years. A few days ago Aliesha and I were leaving the store and walking to our car…..guess where?

Down the center of the lane.

We laughed when we realized and I wonder….were we oblivious or was it the “us” universe?

Please don’t think bad thoughts.


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