Cell Phone Technology is Moving at the Speed of…..

I remember 2 years ago when we bought Aliesha her first full keyboard, slider cell phone for her 13th birthday. We added the unlimited texting plan because what good is a full keyboard if you can’t send a least 900 texts a day? She knows she has sent that many, she has kept track…it is like a trophy or a badge or something.

Shortly after the purchase I was talking to her brother Josh, who is 10 years older than her and I was explaining all the cool features the new phone had. Now… I must tell you that Josh didn’t take the news all that well. He started on a rant about how when he was 13 we didn’t buy him a cell phone for his birthday. At first I began to get defensive and felt that maybe I had neglected him in some terrible way. Then suddenly it clicked…. “Wait a minute! Josh, when you were 13 years old cell phones were the size of a brick and the batteries were the size of a shoebox. Every morning before you would go to school I would’ve had to ask you…Josh do you want to pack a lunch in your backpack or your cell phone? Food or phone?”

His reply was, “Yeah, I guess you’re right mom.”

I know, I’m always right….. HA! Right!

RIP~ you served her well

About a week ago Aliesha’s cool, full keyboard, slider phone gave up the ghost. Probably just couldn’t pump out another days worth of texts and Facebook updates. She has since been subjected to use her ancient device and T9. (Which is only 3 years old, but in technology years is like 300) Yikes, how can a teenager these days handle such an old fashioned mode of communication? I believe Aliesha’s ray of hope lies in the fact that mom and dad have been talking about a family phone upgrade in the very near future, to “touch screens”.

I can’t help but wonder with the technology advances that continue to pour out of Tech World like Niagara Falls, maybe we should wait on our upgrade. Because in 3 years there could be a phone that does….

Wait a minute…what more do I want my damn phone to do!?

And I am also curious how Josh will take the news that his little sister’s new smart phone will have a navigation app so that we never get lost in Kansas City again?


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