Air, Food, Water, Shelter…. Internet

I was listening to a news talk radio station the other morning when they reported that a new global research study found that a third of college students under the age of 30 said that the internet is a resource just as important as food, water and shelter. Some of them went so far as to say if they had to choose between a car or the internet, they would walk. 40% of these students believe that the internet is more important than dating or spending time with friends.

I would like a similar research study done for the mid-lifers. I know that I would have a hard time going without my internet connection. Awhile ago some guy crashed his car into a power pole not far from my house and did damage to the power lines and the internet cables. We were without power for a few hours but it took almost a week for my internet provider to get us back up and running. That was the worst week of my internet life. I had to go to the public library to log onto my Facebook account to play my games!

If I didn’t have the internet how would I pay my bills? Check my bank account balance? How would I post on my blog? Oh my goodness…. I think I might be willing to give up a couple deep breaths of desert air, a large bag of peanut M&M’s and a bottled water for my internet. I don’t believe I am willing to sacrifice my car though because I need to run my almost college age daughter to school.


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