I’m Posting Everyday For The Rest of 2011

What a great time to join the Post A Day challenge for 2011. Since it is already October I should be able to handle the task. Nothing like a late bloomer, for those of you who have been wearing out your keyboards since the first of the year, please don’t hate me. I have a legitimate excuse….I only just started my blog a few days ago and discovered the challenge last night. I promise if my brain doesn’t explode I will join the challenge for 2012 as soon as it is released.

I am encouraged that there are topic ideas and help is available through The Daily Post. I am sure that I will be heading to the source often for inspiration and guidance. My hope is by taking on this challenge I will become a better writer, make new friends and have a blast along the way.

Lori Franks




2 thoughts on “I’m Posting Everyday For The Rest of 2011

  1. You can also try http://www.plinky.com. They are affiliated with WordPress and they do the same thing. A prompt is generated each day and you answer it and you can even set it up to post the answer here as well. It’s kind of a smaller community so you get to know others through their posts as well. Happy blogging!

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