I thought that Roundabouts were a road hazard only allowed in European countries, or Mexico City. But no……

Phoenix, Arizona sports these circular frustrations just for my driving pleasure. Just so happens there is one placed on the way to my daughter’s high school. Located in an obscure spot with very little warning.

Hey Lori, just thought we would place this circle road in the middle of two straight roads to make sure you are paying attention, plus you can practice your defensive driving skills to all new level.

The trouble with Roundabouts is that no one is quite sure what to do.  The person coming into the roundabout is thinking…”Should I yield? Should I go for it? If I yield, the guy behind me is gonna rear end me! If I go, that guy going around in circles is gonna nail me!” Then the person already in the ring is thinking….” How the hell do I get out of this thing?

Are we Americans going to have to get used to these traffic anomalies? Maybe so according to a recent report by NPR. Apparently the number of roundabouts have increased in the US in the past decade and more and more city planners are looking into the benefits of the circular intersection. The planners think that roundabouts save gas, energy, and keep traffic flowing.

Well, in my humble opinion they should circular file these roundabout plans.  Don’t they remember how us Americans embraced the Metric System Scandal?

What happens in Europe, stays in Europe!


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