Why Navigation Apps Were Created

I had an epiphany the other morning when I woke up laughing from my dream…..I am the reason personal navigation apps were created!

It all started in 2003 while driving a compact rental car in Kansas City. My son Joshua, 18 years old at the time and my daughter Aliesha, an innocent 8 year old, were crammed in the backseat along with a few pieces of carry on luggage. My sweet husband Alan was at the wheel, and I the navigator, with an authentic Kansas City street map unfolded to it’s maximum size (do they even make those anymore?) was sitting in the passenger seat. All we wanted to do was get out of that town and north to our final destination.

Problems began to arise when the Kansas City Department of Transportation decided it would be a good time to repair all major streets in the whole city. Didn’t they know the Franks were coming? We didn’t know our way around…..never drove there before in our lives…..are we in Kansas City, KS. or Kansas City, MO.? I mean really.

So the conversation (yelling match) went something like this:

  • Driver: Which way do I go?
  • Navigator: Turn left at the next intersection
  • Driver: I can’t, it’s closed…
  • Navigator: ok, follow the detour sign
  • Driver:I can’t I missed it….
  • Navigator: shiz (cleaned up G-rating)
  • Driver: Look at the map, what is the next street I should take?
  • Navigator: (scrambling to find our place on the map) Sorry, not sure where we are….
  • Driver: Well, look at the map!

About this time I could feel the stress factor building in the backseat as well as the front.

  • Navigator: I am having a hard time with this map.
  • Driver: Well you’re the navigator…look at the map, figure out where we are and tell me where to go.
  • Navigator: (steaming) I hate maps! You know what maps are good for? I will show you what you can do with this map! (makes motion of using the map as toilet paper, then throws the map at the driver)

My kid’s eyes were the size of golf balls and silent as lambs. Actually the whole car was silent. Some how we made it out of that city.

A few days ago I woke up laughing, literally. I had just dreamed that I was riding a bike somewhere in Europe. It was an old 10-speed stuck in 10th gear, I was carrying some dry cleaning and another bag of something. I knew I had to get from point A to point B. There were 2 other women with me, don’t even know them, they were on foot but it didn’t matter because they could keep up with a dumb bike stuck in 10th gear. The 3 of us were just traveling along and that’s when the problems began to arise. The European city officials decided this morning would be a good time to have a parade through town. So here I am trying to peddle this old 10 speed bike, carrying my dry cleaning, trying not to get the plastic bag caught up in the chain, all the while navigating this parade. Then I came to the fork in the road…the parade went one way and I wasn’t sure which way I was suppose to go. So I ask the woman on my right side, “Which way do we go?” She replies with a smirk, ” I don’t know, you are the one with the map! Look at the map!”


3 thoughts on “Why Navigation Apps Were Created

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