Summer’s End For Phoenix?

Summer is officially over for most of the United States, but for us Phoenicians, not a chance!

We moved here 3 years ago from the green state of Oregon. Quite a climate-terrain change for the whole family but I hate being cold and wet so it was easy for me to slide into the dry desert climate. Did you know there really is a truth to…..”But it’s a dry heat”?

But don’t let Phoenix fool you! There is this season within a season called “Monsoon”. Monsoon season consists of very high temperatures accompanied with just enough humidity to make Phoenix a literal hell on earth. This season usually consumes much of June, all of July and August and if we are lucky just a few days of September.

Summers in Phoenix remind me of the movie The Chronicles of Riddick, starring Vin Diesel.  (I love watching movies that have guys with guns and I am not talking about the metal ones.) Riddick goes to this planet called Crematoria where the sun is so intense if it touches your skin you burn up. Kinda like Phoenix! Riddick also sports these awesome sunglasses to protect his eyes, so I always say I have to grab my Riddick glasses before I go out.

Dead Sunflowers

Phoenix Inferno Heat Kills Everything in It's Path!

On July 2, 2011 we were suppose to reach 120 degrees. I have never experienced 120 degrees before. So I was all excited because I was going to go outside and stand in my front yard for as long as I could handle it. I kept watching my digital thermometer …115….116….117….118….. that was it, 118! I didn’t bother going outside, I had experienced 118 last summer. I was sort of disappointed.

Today it is going to reach 105 and it is dry. No monsoons or dust storms. And it is cooling down at nights at least. Plus the weather man says we will actually hit double digits on Sunday….98 or 99! So maybe Autumn in Phoenix is just a month or two away.


4 thoughts on “Summer’s End For Phoenix?

  1. Hello fellow Phoenician! Nice to meet ya.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective on this particular subject 🙂
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I was born here so I might have a little more endurance but it is still miserable. Funny thing is, we want to move to Oregon. Closer to my Ducks! (We’re big fans)
    Maybe someday.
    Anyhow, the suffering is *almost* worth it when October hits…it cools down and becomes bareable…
    I hope you find some relief now 🙂
    Keep writing! Funny!

    • I just published and a prompt for a new post came up and it was…Which is worst, extremely cold weather or extremely hot?
      I may have to write on that one.
      Oregon is beautiful but there is a reason for it’s beauty…..rain, lots and lots of rain. Ducks are an appropriate mascot because they love the rain 🙂
      I actually enjoy the weather here in Phoenix….9 months out of the year!

  2. It speaks volumes that we get excited when it “cools down” to 98 or 99 doesn’t it? That’s okay, while everyone else is bumming out about winter we will enjoy sunshine & highs in the higb 60’s low 70’s. Then we can say neener, neener, neener to everyone shoveling snow.

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